Chief Objectives

  1. An interpretation of Islam in the light of the Quran and Sunnah providing practically crystallized solutions to all the problem areas of life.
  2. Inculcation of the ultimate submission to and love for the last prophet of Allah (SAW) assuring the foundation of brotherhood among the Muslims.
  3. A system for the scientific, ideological, moral, spiritual and practical learning enabling the youth to serve the nation and the country skillfully and sincerely.
  4. A training format for the young generations furnishing them with a comparative study and research for the Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, and other tracks of Shariah and enabling them to present solution to the problems and fulfill the needs of the day as a result of their comparative study of the religions.
  5. Enabling the students to play their role in the universal unification of the Islamic Nations foregoing the pessimism of sects and creeds.
  6. Equipping the students with computer education and modern sciences so that they may present the Islamic teachings in a way impressive for young mind and start a progressive career in any field of life.
  7. Training the students morally and spiritually so that they build their character and strengthen their inner self and uplift themselves to abstinence and purification.
  8. Unfolding and manifesting the hidden potentials of the students with the most traditional and contemporary sciences along with the social, natural, religious, spiritual and informational tracks that are the prime objectives of the institution.