In order to maintain discipline in the College, it is mandatory for every student that he:

  1. Ensures a meeting of his father/patron with the teachers/administration in accordance with schedule at least once in year;
  2. Maintains discipline in class, hostel, mess and playground;
  3. Prefers to converse in English, Urdu and Arabic instead of regional and local languages;
  4. Avoids meeting guests during class hours;
  5. Arranges lodging of the guest in the guest house with the permission of hostel administration;
  6. Safeguards the property of the institution and makes economical use of water and electricity etc;
  7. Follows time table religiously and is prepared to work hard with steadfastness;
  8. Adopts sobriety and seriousness to safeguard the sanctity of the institution;
  9. Wears neat and clean dress and remains in the state of ablution;
  10. Adopts civilized behavior inside and outside College premises;
  11. Pays his dues in time and takes care of their parents' wishes;
  12. Extends respect to teachers and cooperates with administration;
  13. Wears uniform in class;
  14. Completes field work of three months for practical training;